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Star Walk adds realistic sunsets and enhanced galleries

Mel Martin

As iOS astronomy apps go, Star Walk is certainly at the top for graphics and depth of features. We've reviewed it favorably in the past. Version 6.0 today adds realistic sunset and sunrise effects, a completely new info window, and a new and improved gallery of astronomy images.

The company says that, due to the new visual effects, the sunset and sunrise look very realistic with flares and rays across the sky. To view it, one taps the sun and moves the Time Machine on the right side bar forward.

The new info window features numerous pictures of a selected object, facts and figures about sizes and distances, pluse detailed descriptions and Wikipedia articles.

Gallery: Star Walk version 6.0 | 4 Photos

Star Walk is an augmented reality app. If you go outside, launch the app and point your iPad or iPhone at the sky, you'll see the stars, planets and deep sky objects in their proper place from your location. If you move your device, the sky map updates in real time.

I've tried the new features and agree that the sunsets and sunrises are quite striking. I also appreciate the new and more detailed info and new photos that are in the gallery.

Star Walk is available for iPhone and iPod Touch for US$2.99. Star Walk for iPad costs $4.99. The apps require iOS 4.3 or greater. If you already have Star Walk the update is free. Check the gallery for some screen shots.

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