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Ultima Online maps out remainder of 2012


If you don't mind being spoiled when it comes to your favorite isometric sandbox, then you might want to head over to Ultima Online's official site, where Producer Bonnie Armstrong has spilled the beans about the game's immediate and long-term future.

Armstrong begins by laying a foundation for the game's updates, starting with Publish 78 any day now, Publish 79 around Christmas-time, and Publish 80 for early next year. She also revealed a lengthy list of features that the team is thinking about implementing for UO, including high-res art, a better UI, new sea creatures and encounters, and a battleground shard. Specifics about each publish's contents are still up in the air, although Armstrong says the team will post them soon enough.

For Ultima Online's 15th anniversary, Armstrong says that Mythic is bringing back the Return to Britannia promotion for all of September. This means that any former UO subscribers will be welcome to come back and play free of charge. The team will be distributing anniversary rewards during the month as well.

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