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Report: Resident Evil 6 retail copies loose in Poland


If you live in the city of Poznan, Poland, then today was your lucky day to pick up Resident Evil 6 on PS3 from a local retailer. NeoGo was able to purchase a German-branded copy of the game about a month before its retail street date of October 2.

"I was shocked when I heard the store offers it and rushed to check it out," Rafał Baranowski of NeoGo told us. "I have no knowledge of manufacturing plant near Poznan. It looks like it has been pulled from Germany, really."

The site currently has a video up of the game and has sent us images of the manual as proof it's a final retail copy. The site currently has a couple videos up of the game.

"I will play deeper into the game over the weekend, but please note that we do not plan to make tons of videos," Baranowski said. "... Capcom would kill us."

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