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Samsung wins victory over Apple in Japan court


On Friday, a Japanese court gave Samsung a small boost when it ruled that the Korean company did not infringe on an Apple patent that covers media synchronization between a device and servers. According to a New York Times report, this is one of several patent suits Apple has filed against Samsung in Japan. Still pending is a more important case that claims Samsung's devices infringe on Apple's patented "bounce back" effect. Apple has asked for an injunction in that case, and Samsung has countersued claiming Apple violates its patents.

Samsung, however, was pleased with the small victory it was awarded in Japan. In a statement provided to the media, the company reasserted its position that it does not copy Apple. "Samsung has strongly asserted that its technology is altogether different and does not infringe on Apple patents. The ruling recognizes the legitimacy of Samsung's assertions and is highly valid," it said.

Samsung may have won small legal victories in Japan and Korea, but the company was handed a major setback in the US. In a sweeping win for Apple, Samsung was found guilty of infringement on several Apple patents and trade dress claims. The Korean company faces an injunction against eight of its smartphones and must pay Apple a minimum of US$1.05 billion in damages.

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