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Halo 4 ViDoc makes Chief human, multiplayer map 'Exile' revealed


Along with the revelation that Grifball will be making its way into Halo 4 multiplayer, a number of other exciting tidbits were revealed by 343 Industries at PAX. First up is a brand new ViDoc which takes a look behind the scenes of Halo 4 and at the emotional growth of John 117 himself. Of particular interest are the bits showing off Halo 4's motion capture setup, which appears to be borrowing a page from Naughty Dog's playbook and capturing the full physical performance of the game's actors.

Next up is a first look at the multiplayer map, Exile. Check out some screens below, featuring a verdant canyon setting and one guy being really mean with the flag.

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343 Industries Unveils "Halo 4" Multiplayer Details and "A Hero Awakens" ViDoc at PAX Prime
Dramatic enhancements to classic modes, "Capture the Flag" and "Oddball" and the reveal of "Grifball" debuted alongside new multiplayer map "Exile"; new ViDoc offers a riveting behind-the-scenes look at the making of this year's most anticipated blockbuster

This Saturday, at the "Halo Reborn" panel at PAX Prime, 343 Industries unleashed a volley of exciting news about this year's most anticipated game. 343 announced details on the reimagined "Capture the Flag" and "Oddball" modes, the addition of the community-created "Grifball" mode, a first look at the new multiplayer map "Exile," and the premiere of an epic 10-minute featurette on the making of "Halo 4," entitled "A Hero Awakens."

Additionally, 343 debuted the first look at a brand-new multiplayer map in "Halo 4" called "Exile":

EXILE - Miraculously, the survivors of the UNSC Diadochi's violent crash managed to not only recover provisions from the vessel's debris field, but also use it as a makeshift shelter for several years. When rescue and recovery teams finally arrived, they were surprised to discover a healthy, burgeoning community thriving within the ship's remains. Now this wreckage serves as a battleground in War Games. 'Exile' is an earthy, circular canyon bed interconnected by a network of caves and favoring fast-paced vehicle combat, while still offering frantic, on-foot action.
A video of the panel featuring commentary from 343 and gameplay footage of "Exile" and the newly reimagined modes will be available, starting Wednesday, September 5, on Halo Waypoint.

Fueling the excitement, 343 Industries premiered "A Hero Awakens" – a new behind-the-scenes featurette on the making of "Halo 4". Featuring never-before-seen development footage, the 10-minute ViDoc provides a captivating look at the creative process for the most anticipated game of the year. The video also offers a sneak peek at how "Halo 4's" voice and cinematic performance capture actors bring the series' iconic heroes to life through emotionally riveting performances, showcasing how the development of Halo 4 rivals the production of a blockbuster Hollywood movie. Check out the ViDoc on Halo Waypoint at: -1f53-4480-bfc6-96bbb236df18

Launching worldwide exclusively on Xbox 360 Nov.6, 2012, "Halo 4" is the next blockbuster installment of the iconic franchise that has shaped entertainment history and defined a generation of gamers. Developed by 343 Industries, "Halo 4" continues the story of the series' iconic hero the Master Chief as he returns to confront his destiny and face an ancient evil that threatens the fate of the entire universe. "Halo 4" takes the series in a bold new direction by delivering its most epic and explorative campaign yet, alongside an emotionally resonant story and a groundbreaking multiplayer offering unlike anything before it – setting the stage for an epic new sci-fi saga.

The standard edition of "Halo 4" will be available for $59.99 (U.S. ERP), and the Limited Edition, which includes an extended 90-minute version of the live-action digital series "Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn" and additional bonus content, will be available for $99.99 (U.S. ERP). Fans can also pick up the Xbox 360 Limited Edition "Halo 4" Console Bundle for $399.99 (U.S. ERP) and a standalone Xbox 360 Limited Edition "Halo 4" Wireless Controller for $59.99 (U.S. EPR).


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