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NFL Game Rewind apps for iOS and Android tablets appear with coaches film and telestrator features


While inclusion of the "eye in the sky" All-22 game tape and condensed games the squeeze every play into a 30 minute football-fest are nice features for the NFL Game Rewind package, those looking to get their John Madden on can do so thanks to its apps for tablets. The telestrator feature is only mentioned in the notes for the iOS version so far, however the Android app shares in its ability stream the tape delayed games in HD, complete with stats and big play markers to jump straight to the key plays. While the apps themselves are free, you will need a paid subscription to the service at $34.99 to follow a single team, $39.99 for the entire league, and $69.99 for the Season Plus package that brings along the All-22 cam and telestrator features. Hit the source links for more info on the packages and exactly when the games are available for viewing, if you're more of a Monday Morning QB than real-time NFL Red Zone / Sunday Ticket aficionado, they may work for you.

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