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Middle Manager of Justice approved for free iOS procuration [update: pulled]


Double Fine's Middle Manager of Justice is now available on the App Store, and at a cost of $0.00 it shouldn't significantly impact your outlay. Yes, that was our attempt at being Scott Adams.

Double Fine's iOS debut throws you into the over-referenced world of superhero management. As a middle manager at Justice Corp. it's up to you to train your super-powered lackeys, upgrade their super-equipment, all while keeping the super-paperwork in check. With the game being super-free-to-play, it would be super-rude of you not to try it.

Update: Double Fine has pulled the game from the App Store, noting that the version that "accidentally" went out last night is incomplete. "Please note that the game isn't indicative of what it should be yet," said creator Kee Chi. "All the bugs will be ironed out, and there is much tuning to be done."

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