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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Cover hands-on

Brian Heater

Those prone to throwing their e-readers into backpacks and messenger bags know the value of a good case -- and Amazon clearly does, as well. Last time around, the company offered up a lighted version for the Kindle Touch -- obviously that technology's no longer needed on the Paperwhite. The design is fairly similar, however, with a form-fitting plastic back and a leather front -- this time out, however, the front and back are bit more textured.The case also has a magnet on its front and inside, helping it close more securely. As with its predecessor, the inside is cloth, to help protect the Kindle's screen and bezel. Best of all, there's a light sensor built-in, so the reader sleeps and wakes as you open and close it. The case is up for order now on Amazon's site for a cool $40. It comes in a rainbow of six colors.

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