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Apple is developing Pandora-like music service, Wall Street Journal reports (updated)

A tweet from the Wall Street Journal's Dennis Berman states that Apple is developing a streaming-music service that is similar to Pandora. The news comes six days before Apple's September 12 media event.

Berman said details will be posted on the Wall Street Journal's site shortly. We'll update this post when those details come out.

Update: The Wall Street Journal piece is thin on the details, but said that Apple is in talks with music providers to secure the additional licensing needed to proceed with the service. The paper's source said it would work on all Apple devices and possibly PCs running Windows.

The WSJ has a good history of being credible, and such a move is a logical next step after picking up the pieces of Ping, Apple's failed social network that was tied into iTunes. It's possible that if this goes through, it could be part of next week's announcements and would fit in well with the traditional fall slate of iPhones and iPods. It's more likely we'll see something related to this than to the Apple TV.

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