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Watch the entire GoldenEye 007 postmortem from GDC Europe


We've already covered ex-Rare developer Martin Hollis' GoldenEye 007 postmortem presentation quite a bit, but the GDC Vault has now made the entire presentation available for free. We managed to note the highlights in our previous piece, but Hollis covered much more ground in the hour-long talk than we could condense into a single article.

The GDC Vault version also features direct feed of all the presentation slides, which include heaps of behind-the-scenes (and in some cases never publicly shared) information about the landmark N64 shooter. If you're a game history buff, or just a dedicated GoldenEye fan, it's definitely worth a look. Find the presentation after the break (note: video will automatically play).

Watch in full screen for a better view of the slides.

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