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NPD: Darksiders 2 sold 247K copies in August


Darksiders 2 brought Death to top of the NPD charts for the month of August, having launched on August 14 in North America. In close to two weeks – the cut-off for NPD's August period was August 25 – the Vigil Games sequel managed to move 247,000 copies at retail, reports. This figure doesn't account for international sales or Steam, and is perhaps a muted victory in a month that saw software sales go down year-over-year.

A lot is riding on Darksiders 2, the first major release under newly appointed THQ president Jason Rubin. It's undoubtedly setting the tone for his THQ, which he hopes will get back to prosperity by focusing on games with the highest potential for success. This move has seen THQ drop Guillermo Del Toro's Insane and roll Saints Row 3's Dominatrix DLC into a full sequel.

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