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Samsung Galaxy Note II with dual-SIM capabilities gets spotted in the wild


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Now that the second-gen Note is finally out of Samsung's precious (and teasing) bag, we're learning more and more about the exorbitant device -- not to say we weren't expecting this to be the case, however. Still, we were rather intrigued by the distinct Galaxy Note II pictured above, which, by the looks it, comes pre-loaded with dual-SIM capabilities, and thus makes this particular unit slightly different than that one unit we played with back at IFA. Although details are still very scarce at the moment, rumor has it the dual-SIM Note will only be available in China and, aside from the slot additions, all other features the famed phablet offers appear to be exactly the same. Feel free to check out the source below for more pics, but don't expect anything too exciting or out of the ordinary -- unless, of course, extra SIM slots are your thing.

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