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    Daily iPhone App: Super Hexagon is a wild ride


    Terry Cavanagh is one of my favorite game developers. He's probably best known for his retro, mind-bending platformer VVVVVV (yes, that's its name, six Vs in a row), but he's made a number of other great titles, including the somber Don't Look Back, and the wild cat-based MMO ChatChat. Now, he's released a game on iOS called Super Hexagon, and, well, it's pretty insane.

    Super Hexagon is a fairly straightforward arcade game -- you control a little triangle on the screen, rotating it around left or right by pressing your thumbs on either side. Lines fly in from the sides, and the goal of the game is to move the triangle quick enough to avoid lines for as long as possible.

    Here's the thing, however: This game is hard. Really hard. Like, you will not survive for more than 10 seconds the first few times you play. The retro but flashy graphics, combined with the chaotic chiptunes of Chipzel make this game a freaky experience, so if the extent of your gaming prowess starts and ends with Angry Birds, you might want to wait for another Daily App tomorrow.

    But if you know, as a gamer, how much fun it can be to take on a really challenging but well-designed game, and fight your hardest for just a few extra seconds of life and a high score, Super Hexagon is probably for you. The game's trailer will show how wacky this one eventually gets. If that doesn't scare you away, it's on sale right now at a launch price of just $0.99.

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