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The Queue: Feed the Kitty

Anne Stickney

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) still loves old Saturday morning cartoons.

Someone asked me to name my favorite Tom and Jerry cartoon on Twitter yesterday. While I really liked Tom and Jerry when I was a kid, I liked Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies more. And the cartoon above is one of my favorites. Feed the Kitty originally came out in 1952, and it's continually surprising to me that 50 years later, it's still awesome. Who doesn't love Marc Anthony?

Geekboydotca asked:

A combination of reasons led me to taking a little more than a year off from WoW, and am just rejoining now. My two preferred toons are at item level 340 or so. Question: Is there any point in trying to gear up over the next couple of weeks by running things like crazy? Or will Mists be like Cata and provide higher-stat gear in the first days of questing anyway?

You don't really need to gear so much, unless you feel like doing so. Quest rewards will be great for your characters, and there are vendors that sell green items in Jade Forest that should fill in any gaps you see. No worries!

arixian697 asked:

So new expansions are only adding 5 levels each. With the new talent system we only get a new talent every 15 lvls. So this means we will play entirely through both of the next 2 expansions without earning a single new talent???

Not necessarily. We know what is in place now, and it certainly appears that way, but considering that we've gone two expansions now with talent revisions and two more with talent changes, it's not really far-fetched to think we might see more in future expansions. Honestly, I wouldn't really panic about features that likely aren't even a glint in a designer's eye yet.

Jimmy asked:

Q4TQ: How do "Cross-Realm Zones" affect time events such as the Kalu'ak fishing derby. I noticed that when you are in a CRZ your clock changes to the tim of whatever server is hosting the the zone.

Currently, it's just messing them up. Same with Wintergrasp -- trying to run it the other night was a logistical nightmare. Sometimes it would show the Horde having the keep, sometimes the Alliance, the counter would change, it announced a winner before the counter was done ... basically, it's incredibly wonky.

Cross-Realm zones are still really new. Yes, they have been tested on the beta, but they were by and large tested just with Pandaria content, because that's where all the players were at. Not to mention there aren't anywhere near as many realms on beta as there are in the live game. As with any new feature, there's always going to be bugs. The bugs are just a lot more noticeable with something as major as Cross-Realm zones.

In short, yes it's messed up at the moment, but this is all stuff Blizzard is monitoring, and it'll be addressed eventually. Hang tight!

HobMeadows asked:

Will soulbound mounts and pets become unbound with Pandaria? I received the Voodoo Figurine on two alts this weekend (and it was already known); plus, my main has learned the Reins of the Green Proto-Drake, got another one earlier this year, and now has a Mysterious Egg that won't open because it contains another and you can't carry more than one.

Not exactly. Mounts are likely to remain exactly the same -- you cannot cage or sell a mount on beta, and mounts that are soulbound remain soulbound. As far as pets go, you can learn up to three non-unique pets. So if you hold on to your pets, you can try to learn them and add them to your Battle Pet stable once Mists goes live. Once there, you should theoretically be able to cage them and sell them. But this only works on non-unique pets. Things like Collector's Edition and BlizzCon pets do not count for this.

@thingwhatwows asked via Twitter:

Is there any use in MoP for grey items ala Arch. solves we do now, or is it only Pandaria greys you box up?

At the moment, it's just Pandaria grey items. Sorry!

@GuildedLady asked via Twitter:

Currently, my guildmates and I are trying to analyze the colors of the Azerothian Northern lights to figure out the atmosphere. Anything you can find out on that would be interesting.

Interesting question. Azeroth obviously is a fictional planet, so we don't really know. But if it's based on Earth gases, the lights up in Northrend are the fairly common yellow/green that you find on Earth, and those are caused by solar particles colliding with oxygen at lower altitudes. Reds, blues and purples are far more interesting, but there doesn't appear to be any in the Azeroth night sky. From all appearances, Azeroth's aurora borealis isn't terribly interesting from a component standpoint, although it is very pretty!

@mbuhtz asked via Twitter:

Is there lore behind the Blue Child vs the White Lady? (if I have the names of the moons correct...)

Nope! The White Lady is known to the night elves as Elune, and to the tauren as Mu'sha. An'she is the other half of the tauren mythology, but An'she is represented by the sun. The Blue Child is likely just called the Blue Child because it's blue. Also, it's smaller than the moon that is supposedly Elune/Mu'sha, so someone likely supposed it was a child of Elune.

@kylecrane asked via Twitter:

Q4daQ: Who makes the best WoW Lore Machinema? I wanna watch some.

Oh I hate picking favorites. But I am inordinately fond of Melvenor over on Youtube. His machinima about Quel'Delar's history remains one of my favorites to this day.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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