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Beat the Traffic acquired by Weather Network owners


Beat the Traffic is a popular third-party navigation app. I've used it quite a few times to navigate the continuous traffic jams of Los Angeles, and the team behind the app has delivered several solid updates. Their hard work appears to have paid off, as Beat the Traffic has been acquired by Canada's Pelmorex Media, which also owns the Weather Channel and another network called MétéoMédia.

Pelmorex intends to launch the Travelers Network in October, and says that Beat the Traffic's technology and know-how will be used to grow and develop that property. It will start out as a website and an iPhone app, says Pelmorex, and then grow from there.

Meanwhile, the Beat the Traffic app will also continue to grow, so if you're a heavy user, you won't have to worry about that. Beat the Traffic has done some great work with navigation on the App Store, so it's good to see them supported by a larger company. Hopefully the work on the new Travelers Network won't distract too much from the quality iOS app that's already out there.

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