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BioWare commits to six-week update schedule for SWTOR

Jef Reahard

BioWare general manager Matt Bromberg said the company is committed to major Star Wars: The Old Republic updates every six weeks going forward.

What will those updates include? "Well we're committed to about every six weeks, doing a major update for the game -- which would be a new warzone, a new operation, a new flashpoint, a new event -- and to doing that on a really frequent cadence, every six weeks. So we're going to stick to that," Bromberg told AusGamers.

BioWare is also looking at ways to sweet-talk former subscribers. The first such initiative takes the form of cartel coins which are in-game tokens earned for being a subscriber after the free-to-play conversion. The coins and credits will also be awarded retroactively to those who subscribed in the past.

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