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iGame Music Bundle adds Super Hexagon, more to music mashup


The iGame Music Bundle – the fourth such collection of indie game music on the cheap – has been extended and enhanced to include the soundtrack of Terry Cavanagh's recent, lovely launch Super Hexagon and other mobile games. You can grab the five initial soundtracks for $1, featuring music from Horn, Squids 2, Puzzlejuice, Globulous and Organ Trail.

Pay $10 and get bonus soundtracks including Super Hexagon, Super Stickman Golf and Big Giant Circle's Contingency collection, all of which were added today. Also, pay $10 and have the opportunity to buy a second copy, for a friend, for $5. Top contributors can snag a plethora of prizes, including the ocarina used to record the Horn soundtrack.

There are nine days left in the iGame Music Bundle, with the opportunity for more goodies to be unlocked as sales progress.

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