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PSN Tuesday: Double Dragon: Neon, Anomaly Warzone Earth, more PSOne Classics


This week's PSN update is uncharacteristically early and adds a smattering of new content, including Double Dragon: Neon (free for PS Plus subscribers, along with Scott Pilgrim) and the PS3 port of 11 bit studios' Anomaly Warzone Earth. These new PSN jams are joined by full game downloads of Max Payne 3 and Battlefield 3 Premium Edition.

PS Vita owners looking to relive some PSOne Classics can choose from 21 new games in the PS Vita store starting today. Standouts include One, Mass Destruction and the comically awful Perfect Weapon – hey, it was the first PSOne game I ever owned. It has sentimental value.

The full content list for this week's PSN update can be found over on the PlayStation Blog.

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