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DDO Update 16 will have 'generous helping of adventures'


Dungeons and Dragons Online's Update 16 is preparing to deliver a "generous helping of Forgotten Realms adventures" this November, according to Producer Fernando Paiz. In a new letter to the community, Paiz looks ahead to the game's next major update, which he says will expand high-level content in the new world setting.

"There will be new monsters to fight, a new story to explore, and castles to plunder (because every good D&D campaign needs castles)!," Paiz writes. He says that Update 16 will also contain an additional Epic Destiny called Primal Avatar.

Turbine is also focusing on whittling down its known issues list with several bug updates and fixes. Paiz says that Update 17 should arrive by the end of the year as well, but it will be a smaller patch with updates to seasonal festivities. He also hints at the studio's plans for DDO in 2013, including updates to both campaign settings and a return to Gianthold.

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