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iPhone case manufacturer on planning for iPhone 5


Minneapolis-based case manufacturer Pad & Quill talked to Pioneer Press about the very competitive accessory market for iOS devices. The discussion sheds some light on why it takes some time for cases to hit the retail market after an iPhone is launched.

Like many accessory makers, Pad & Quill combed the rumor mill looking for information that would help it design its leather cases for the iPhone 5. Even before the device was announced, the company had wood frames prepped for their iPhone 5 case thanks to accurate leaks that revealed the iPhone 5 dimensions. A similar sentiment was echoed by J.W. Hulme, a St. Paul company that makes leather sleeves and cases.

Now that the iPhone has been confirmed, these case makers are in the final stage of development. The biggest hurdle is waiting for the iPhone to arrive. Once they can get their hands on the phone, they can finalize their design and start production.

You can read more about these Minnesota-based case manufacturers in the article on Pioneer Press.

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