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Wii U hits Europe November 30


Nintendo today announced a Wii U launch date of November 30 for Europe, with the prices as yet unavailable for either the Basic or Premium sets that are coming to stores. As with the 3DS launch, Nintendo says the final price in Europe will be determined by retailers, with no RRP set as yet.

Nintendo of Europe announced the launch details during a Nintendo Direct broadcast, which ran at the same time as Nintendo of America's New York event this afternoon.

As with the sets in other regions, the Basic set comes with 8GB memory, a GamePad, AC adapters, sensor bar, and an HDMI cable. The Premium includes all of that and also a console stand, GamePad charging dock, GamePad stand, and the Nintendo Network Premium subscription, and Nintendo Land as well. Nintendo also announced a ZombiU Premium bundle at launch, which contains the zombie shooting game, a Black Wii U console with ZombiU skin, and a ZombiU Pro Controller.

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