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A report of poor Maps performance in iOS 6 gold master


iPhone owners looking forward to the new Maps application in iOS 6 might be disappointed when they try to search for points of interest, says Josh Carr, former TUAW writer and founder of Rocky Mountain Mac Repair.

Like many developers and enthusiasts, Carr installed the Gold Master version of iOS 6 when it was released last week. He quickly discovered that search within the app has radically changed, and it isn't for the better. Carr points out that previous versions of Maps used Google for its mapping data and all its points of interest. Consequently, a keyword search for a business or a restaurant would pull up of dozens of local business names and points of interest for each search term.

This robust, Google-powered keyword search is gone in iOS 6 and has been replaced by Yelp. Not only are you limited to Yelp's database, which is not as extensive as Google's, you also have to search using the exact wording of the Yelp category.

Carr says that iOS 6 Maps app is "a tremendous step backwards and something that cripples iOS for Apple's customers." You can read more about his experience with iOS 6 Maps on Rocky Mountain Mac Repair's website.

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