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Guild Wars 2 Mac beta available now


Guild Wars 2 was released earlier this month -- it's a very popular sequel to a great (subscription-free) MMO game, and it offers up a lot of interesting innovations in regards to online massively multiplayer RPGs. When the game arrived, it was a PC-only title, but the developers have now announced that they will be supporting the game on Mac as well.

As ArenaNet says, the company is happy to "offer [Macs] as part of our employee laptop subsidy program, and our president Mike O'Brien is rarely seen without his Mac laptop. We're as excited as anyone to play Guild Wars 2 on OS X."

The Mac beta is available right now. Of course, you'll need to purchase the game itself, but once you do, you can download and install the Mac beta client, and play the game while it's being tested. Pay attention to the system requirements -- they recommend some fairly recent Macs (and 4 GB of RAM), so if you're running anything older, you might have some issues. But Guild Wars 2 is a great game, and now it's even greater that we can run it natively right on the Mac.

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