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iOS 6: Restoring App-specific privacy permissions


Don't you hate it when an app asks for permission to use photos or location data and you hit the wrong button? In iOS 6, you can bypass this headache and change permissions on an app-by-app basis.

Go to Settings > Privacy > Service Type, e.g. Location Services or Contacts, and enable or disable permission for individual apps. You'll find a list of applications that have requested access to each privileged data type. These privacy settings include:

  • Location Services
  • Contacts
  • Calendars
  • Reminders
  • Photos
  • Bluetooth Sharing
  • Twitter, and
  • Facebook

Toggle each setting from On to Off or Off to On to match your exact needs. If you messed up in the application itself, this gives you a second (and third, and so forth) chance at ensuring your privacy settings are exactly what you desire.

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