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Apple trying for patent on electromotive charging, could use that confident stride to charge iPhones


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We've seen the concept of electromotive (movement-based) charging before, but it usually comes at the cost of either a clunky design or a limitation to very low-power devices like watches. Apple has been experimenting with a concept that could power gadgets as big as iPhones and iPods with that spring in your step -- and without the bulk of any extra wires. A newly published patent application uses flat, printed coils to generate electromagnetic induction through movable magnets; as the device bounces around in your pocket, the magnets slide past the coils and run them through the magnetic fields they need to build electricity. It all sounds grand, but it's hard to tell from the very recent June filing whether the technology is enough to keep devices completely powered or simply delays the inevitable. We'd still suggest getting back into shape, though, in the event that morning run can one day save you from hunting down a wall outlet.

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