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Around Azeroth: The pointy ends


How nice! They've finally recreated the joys of the suppression room using porcupines, so classes other than rogues can get in on the fun. "While taking my mage out on a stroll for some low-level herbs, I came across an ominous trail of quills leading to the Terrorweb Tunnel," writes submitter Serenia of The Burning Horde on Turalyon (EU-H). "To my horror, all of the native bugs and Nerubians had been killed and supplanted by an army of hyperintelligent porcupines who had appropriated it as their base of operations. This chilling discovery paled in comparison to the scrawled note I found clutched by one porcupine I managed to fight off: 'Hav caves. Tel pengwins tym too kome is nao.'"

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