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New York City, meet your new official taxi: the Nissan NV200


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Back in May, Nissan unveiled its NV200 van as New York City's "Taxi of Tomorrow" in a joint press conference with Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Today, NYC's Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) made the pact official, signing regulations that will replace the city's iconic line of Crown Victorias (and myriad other cabs) with the NV200 beginning in October 2013. As Nissan puts it, today's signing, "officially makes the NV200 the taxicab of New York City."

The NV200 van beat out competition from the likes of Ford to take New York City's coveted "Taxi of Tomorrow" award months ago. When Engadget EIC (and gearhead) Tim Stevens explored the NV200 at the New York Auto Show, he called it "a huge advance" over existing taxi stock. And hey, with all those amenities, we can't disagree. Most exciting for commuters: Nissan's NV200 taxi features separate climate controls for passengers, as well as USB slots for mobile charging. "Taxi of Tomorrow" indeed!

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