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Breakfast Topic: Do you have time off from work or school to enjoy the expansion?


Here at Wow Insider, the launch of an expansion represents a bizarre mix of work and play. Which is it? Both, and neither. We're up at all hours monitoring news feeds and forums, catching the odd impression and bug report in Twitter, and turning out more posts on all the latest developments. We're popping in and out of the game on all sorts of different characters, capturing screenshots to illustrate posts, checking out new feature and bug reports, and tracking down all number of tips.

Oh yeah, and we're sneaking in time to play the game. Because, you know ... Mists of Pandaria, right?

Have you scheduled time off from work on school so you can indulge in Mists? Or are you stuck with your nose pressed against the glass, wishing you could log in? Maybe you've planned a long weekend instead, letting the first wave of players stampede through the opening zones to give you a little more breathing room when you get there. If you're particularly wily, perhaps you've planned your own launch blitz for a few weekdays next week, once both the opening week crowd and the first weekend crew have swarmed through.

Will you be joining legions of "sick" and vacationing MMO players across the world in the next week or two to welcome in Mists of Pandaria?


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