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Breakfast Topic: What's your top advice for players starting Mists this weekend?


Not all of us have been enjoying the fumes -- er, the mists of Pandaria yet. Work, school, yadda yadda yadda ... Some of us just have to wait.

But if you've been playing Mists all week, lend us your hard-earned wisdom. For all your fellow players out there who'll be attacking the expansion with bright eyes and bushy panda tails tonight and over the weekend, what's your best piece of launch week advice? What would you do differently if you rewound the chaos of opening week? Best thing to do right off the bat? Worst time-waster at this point in the game? Common advice you'd recommend passing up, or odd suggestion you believe is a must-do?

If you've been there, done that in Mists of Pandaria this week ... dish!

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