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Logitech promises continued support for Squeezebox, says it won't force a switch to UE Smart Radio


With Logitech's Squeezebox platform having quietly and unexpectedly reached its EOL status, the company found it necessary to let its customers know where they stand going forward. In a very detailed letter from UE product director Ariel Fischer, the Harmony maker reassured current Squeezebox owners it will continue to offer support for these products, adding that the current "mysqueezebox" website and certain apps will still work with existing devices. What's more, those who managed to snag one of those Squeezebox Radios will have the option to upgrade to the outfit's new UE Smart Radio service -- which, according to Logitech, can play nicely alongside existing Squeezebox products, though this "will operate and be controlled separately." All in all, it could be worse -- and, in age where customer service can sometimes be rather unpleasant, we're sure most of us can appreciate the transparency being shown in the open letter. Speaking of which, you'll find that at the source link below.

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