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Shared Topic: What is your WoW headcanon?

Each week, Blog Azeroth hosts a shared topic for bloggers to answer on their own blogs and then link to in the forum -- except for last week. I think everyone may be busy. So I chose to answer a previous Shared Topic. akabeko from red cow rise asked:

Canon refers to the actual events and characters that exist in a fictional world. Headcanon refers to any situations or characters that are imagined by fans of said fictional world. Sometimes they are silly, like the fact that Garrosh's favorite treat is lemon squares. Sometimes they are serious, like positing that tauren store grief in the lungs. For my writing, I've come up with a lot of headcanon. Got a theory about a torrid romance between your favorite auctioneer and the patrolling guard? Given any thought to where mounts and pets go when they aren't summoned? Do you know how your characters do their laundry, or what Baine Bloodhoof does in his free time? What are your headcanons, and where did you get the idea?

I went to Tranquillien for some story inspiration, but all of the blood elves there seem even more catty than usual. Are they bitter for being banished to the Ghostlands? Or were they the winners in some catty contest? I just don't care.

So I went to Brill.

Here's what's going on with the Brillians.

Zacharia Post: I'm going to see how long I can stand still.

Velma Warnam: Me too. ... Made ya look. I win.

Zacharia: Best 4000 out of 7000?

[An hour of silence later]

Velma: Sure.

Elsewhere ...

Innkeeper Renee: You can check out any time you like.


Abigail Shiel: I'm not happy.

Nedric Sallow: What's happy?

Abigail: I don't quite remember, but this isn't it.


Selina Weston: I feel pretty! I feel pretty!

Carolai Anise: Shut up.

Selina: Make me.

Carolai: NO U

Faruza: I bet the Scourge never have to put up with this.


Ageron Kargal: I think I have a mushroom stuck in my ribcage, can you help ...

Yvette Farthing: No.


The Chef: I wish I could remember what cookies tasted like. I think I used to like cookies.

William Saldean: I wish I could forget what that stew tastes like. /shudder


Ansil Fincap: I still have my sense of smell! I still have my sense of smell!


Do you have any of your own headcanon? Write it up on your blog and link it at Blog Azeroth. Or you could tell us and/or link your post in the comments below.

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