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Bad Piggies is Rovio's quickest selling #1 game, free content update coming soon

Jordan Mallory

A Rovio-developed gaming reaching the number-one slot on the App Store isn't really all that surprising in this day in age, so the Finnish studio has instead started measuring how quickly its releases make it to the top of the pile.

Bad Piggies, the company's swine/inventor simulator and latest release, shattered previous records set by Angry Birds Space and Amazing Alex by reaching the pinnacle of Apple's App Store barely three hours after its launch on September 27.

Rovio has also announced that Bad Piggies' first free update -- "Flight Into The Night" -- will be released within "the next few weeks" and will contain more levels, unlockable content and "exciting plot twists," which we can only assume will be M. Night Shyamalanish in nature. "It was me," the piggie thought to himself. "I was the angry one all along."

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