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Shifting Perspectives: Gearing your guardian druid for Mists of Pandaria heroics

Allison Robert

Every week, WoW Insider brings you Shifting Perspectives for cat, bear, restoration and balance druids. This Tuesday, the four normal dungeons are a fat lot of help.

The subject of today's article is, shall we say, an immediate concern. Due to the demand for tanks and healers in the new 5-mans, my main will hit 90 before she even makes it to the halfway point of questing through the Valley of Four Winds. This is good, because I get to relax and enjoy questing as an extended treat without having to worry about leveling. This is bad, because she's about 20 ilevels off from where she needs to be in order to access Mists of Pandaria heroics.

This guide assumes that you will need an average ilevel of 440 to access heroics, because that was the number Blizzard was using on the beta. (Note: This is only true via the dungeon finder. Nothing prevents you from running out to the new heroics yourself with a group, but either way, 440's a decent number to aim for if you're worried about being sufficiently geared.) There are only four normal MoP dungeons, and only one of them (Mogu'shan Palace) drops gear that will help you clear this threshold.

If I had to condense this guide's advice, it would be:
  • Quest through the Townlong Steppes and the Dread Wastes.
  • Be prepared to spend some justice points.
  • Farm normal Mogu'shan Palace.
  • If you have a good option available from professions (whether primary or secondary), don't ignore it.

Shifting Perspectives Gearing your guardian druid for Mists of Pandaria heroics
A note on the leatherworking PvP gear: The leatherworking Contender's set is a way to cheese the ilevel requirement, but I don't recommend using it except in one or two slots if you get desperate. We're more reliant on secondary stats, and more particularly expertise and hit, than we were in Cataclysm.


This isn't a very easy slot until you reach Townlong. Engineers who are willing to spend a butt-load of money are covered, but that's about it.

Personally, I'm just planning to buy the JP neck.

The phrase "problem slot" feels like it's becoming a Buddhist mantra.

This one's a little easier. Leatherworking has a good option that doesn't look overly expensive to make (she said, perhaps too optimistically).

I'm not sure why the Foul Cadaverous Tunic, a quest reward from An End to the Suffering in the new Scholomance, is an ilevel 440 and not an ilevel 463, which it seems like it should be as a quest reward in a heroic. The Crimson Monk Handwraps are in the same boat.

Your best bet here is to just shell out some justice points for the Cruel Mercy bracers.Gloves

Om mani problem slot hum.
Shifting Perspectives Gearing your guardian druid for Mists of Pandaria heroics

This is another slot afflicted with the weird "ilevel 440 reward in a heroic" thing. You can get Loksey's Lost Belt from the quest Just For Safekeeping, Of Course in the Scarlet Halls, but obviously that means you'd already have to be at an average 440 or above even to get in via the dungeon finder.Legs

Once again, your best bet is probably the justice points piece.Boots

You'll have two good options available from both quests and normal Mogu'shan Palace.Trinkets

Brewfest is on, and if you can make it to level 89 before it's over and spend some time farming Coren, the ilevel 470 trinkets will do a lot to grease your way to 440. And good luck with Gekkan!

Mogu'shan Palace and a Kun-Lai quest are your friends here, unless you get astonishingly lucky with archaeology.

Shifting Perspectives: Bear and Resto Edition takes a peek at healer balance in Dragon Soul, discovers why bears and PvP gear are a pretty good mix, lends advice on gearing up to hit the Raid Finder, and helps you level a druid in the Cataclysm era.

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