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Pika? Yes, pika: this very yellow Pokemon-themed Nintendo 3DS XL is heading to Europe this year


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The incredibly bright, somewhat terrifying yellow Nintendo 3DS XL that Japan got last month is now heading to Europe, according to a Europe-specific Nintendo Direct press conference this afternoon (via Joystiq). The Pikachu-themed 3DS doesn't have a solid release date just yet, but it's said to arrive at some point in 2012. A price also isn't included (though it costs ¥18,900/$238 in Japan), nor is it known if the device will be exclusive to one retailer -- in Japan, you can only buy a 3DS XL plastered with Pikachu's indifferent smirk from a Pokemon Center. Regardless, it's clearly super, super cute, and we'll have more definite information on it soon.

Does this mean it's coming to the US? Keep those poke-fingers crossed, trainers.

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