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PBS mini documentary showcases the creativity of indie games


The latest episode of PBS' Off-Book, a web-series on online arts, is a celebration of indie games and their creativity. While the mini documentary probably won't tell you anything you don't already know, it is an excellently produced primer for getting into indie games.

The seven-minute video is introduced by Kill Screen's Jamin Warren, then following on from Warren is SpellTower creator Zach Gage talking about the emotional and immersive value of game mechanics. Bastion creator Darren Korb then describes how he feels indie developers approach sound design differently from developers of AAA games. Eddy Boxerman and Andy Nealen explain the efforts they put into Osmos' art design, before Gamasutra's Leigh Alexander closes by looking at how indie games handle storytelling.

If you like watching interesting stuff about indie games (and why wouldn't you?) you should also check out Indie Game: The Movie, which came to Netflix earlier this week. On a side note, if you can name all the games featured in the Off-Book video, you'll almost certainly win something completely awesome*.

*by 'almost certainly' we mean 'definitely not'

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