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Verizon Windows Phone 8X may have passed through the FCC


Now, we don't know for sure what the PM23100 that just made its way through the FCC is, but we'd put pretty good odds on it being Verizon's Windows Phone 8X. Only a couple of hours after what appears to be the AT&T-bound 8X was given the thumbs up by regulators, yet another HTC Windows Phone appeared, with an incredibly similar model number, CDMA radios and compatibility with Big Red's 700MHz LTE. Knowing that it's an HTC Windows Phone and that it packs NFC really doesn't leave too many possibilities. The one pleasant surprise, it's also compatible with GSM frequencies 850 and 1900,, so you'll be able to roam the globe with just the swap of a SIM. Hit up the source to see the filling for yourself.

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