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iCade's 8-bitty controller now out


That "8-bitty" wireless controller announced by ThinkGeek a while ago is now available in the company's online store. For US$29.99, you can grab hold of an NES-style retro controller, with not two but four buttons designed to work with iOS games across the iCade protocol. This is not an Ion Audio product like the rest of the iCade line so far -- this is specifically a ThinkGeek product only. But it does work with the iCade standard, which plenty of developers have taken advantage of (and which is pretty easy to implement, if you happen to be a game developer who wants to let your customers use it).

Yes, the controller may not look all that ergonomical, and it's probably not. But if, like me, your hands used that old boxy NES controller for hours and hours as a child, this new version will probably make you feel right at home.

[via Touch Arcade]

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