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Datura developer's next act is 'Catzilla,' a PC benchmarking demo


Datura, with its dreamlike presentation and mysterious storyline, was measurably different from most other games. The latest project from developer Plastic Demoscene Group is so different from other games that it isn't even a game!

Plastic lives up to its "demoscene group" name with Catzilla, a real-time animated short film intended for use as a PC benchmark. Working with Platige Image, Plastic made a short movie about a giant cat attacking a city, something Datura director Michal Staniszewski said he's "dreamt about for some time."

The Vimeo clip above is pre-rendered, of course, but the actual file will be displayed in real time on users' computers to gauge GPU performance. The unusual benchmarking software will go into beta soon. If you want Catzilla to put your computer to the test, sign up here.

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