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iPad app listens to conversations, suggests topics


MindMeld from Expect Labs is a conversation tool for the iPad that listens to what you are saying and suggests relevant content. The app requires you to login with your Facebook account and find friends with whom you want to talk. You can add some friends and start a voice conversation using the VoIP features built into the app.

When someone says something interesting, you can turn on the listening feature of the app. MindMeld will then parse the conversation and try to pick out relevant keywords from what everyone is saying. When it finds important conversation topics, the app will display matching results from Facebook and the internet. If you mention a restaurant, you will see restaurant reviews, for example.

You can easily share this content with other members of the conversation. The app also keeps an ongoing record of what people said so you can look back at an earlier part of the conversation. The app is meant to help you find and share information and is not designed to send you targeted ads.

You can watch the demo of the app below and let us know in the comments what you think. Is this technology cutting-edge or just plain creepy?

[Via Springwise]

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