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Rimac e-M3 breaks EV acceleration records, soon to be dethroned by its own creator (video)


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The last time we saw an EV pit itself against a BMW, it wasn't a good day for the German car. On this occasion, the beemer is the EV, and it's one that all the others will officially have to enjoy viewing from behind. The car in question is the Rimac e-M3, the fledgling EV-firm owner's personal custom ride, and it's just been officially acknowledged as the fastest accelerating electric vehicle (with some category caveats). The record-breaking run actually happened April 2011, but it seems the FIA isn't quite so fast when it comes to making things official. The Croatian driver covered the first eighth of a mile in 7.549 seconds, needing less than five more for the same distance again (1/4 mile in 11.808 seconds). This is where the official-dom ends, but the total mile was completed in 35.347, which is still pending the FIA nod. Happy as driver Mate Rimac is, he already thinks there's something faster. What might that be? His new pre-production Concept_One of course. Catch the car in action after the break.

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