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Google opens the playground for an Android event October 29th


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Add one more social event to your October calendar, as Google has just pushed out invites to an Android event in New York on the October 29th where we expect to be introduced to the next generation of Nexus. The LG E960 Mako -- which we've taken to calling the Nexus G but has also been referred to as the Nexus 4 -- seems to be a sure bet to make an appearance after its many leaks, and a 32GB Nexus 7 variant rates as highly probable. There have also been long-running rumors that we will see Nexus hardware from more than one manufacturer, although lately whispers have focused on the possibility of a 5-inch phablet from HTC, and a 10-inch Nexus-branded tablet made by Samsung. Without the benefit of physical evidence we'd take those with a huge grain of salt, but we'll obviously be ready for anything. Of course, it's adding up to be a long day for us no matter what, since Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 launch event is scheduled for just a few hours later on the West Coast and our own reader meetup is in NYC later that night. We'll be on hand bringing you all the news no matter what time zone it occurs in, and Google even promises a live video stream on YouTube.

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