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Interview with Paul Mayne, developer of Day One for iOS and Mac


For people who want to keep a journal of their everyday lives, Salt Lake City-based developer Paul Mayne's Day One app is a godsend. The app stores journal entries in the cloud, runs on iOS (US$4.99) and OS X ($9.99), and is highly regarded in the Apple universe. The Verge published an interview with Mayne today, accurately describing him as "one of the rare developers who can effortlessly create a powerful yet minimalist and refined user experience."

In the interview, Mayne notes that the runaway success of the app may be primarily due to the minimalist design of the user interface. "It's capturing personal thoughts and ideas in a way people are already familiar with, without having to share these writings publicly. It's focused, it's designed in a way that's clean and not overwhelming, and it's easily accessible in a way that makes the idea and motivation of keeping a journal fun," says Mayne.

Mayne points out, "People today are busier than ever and rarely take even a minute to stop and reflect on the day. Formalizing the direction in one's life is generally a trait of geniuses, and having a medium to do so is useful. Keeping these things private and expressing them without filters is liberating."

The interview is a great read about the developer of an app that many of us here at TUAW use each and every day.

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