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SaneBox looks to tame busy email inboxes


Simplifying email is a task that several applications and email clients have tried and failed at. SaneBox, like many add-ons before it, aims to make your digital life easier without forcing you to change your email platform, but it ventures to accomplish this without just adding priority flags or grouping your contacts into "Work" and "Personal" categories.

To be sure, you can apply various priority classes and groupings using SaneBox, but that's not what sets it apart from other so-called productivity enhancers. What really makes SaneBox worth checking out (at the very least) is its ability to ensure unimportant and low-priority emails don't take up even a second of your day.

When you apply SaneBox to your email client, it spends a good deal of time scanning your entire inbox, including ones you've already read. This helps the add-on determine which emails are most important to you. From then on you'll only see emails that SaneBox determines are must-reads, with all others falling into a "Later" folder which you can browse at your leisure.

Each day -- or however often you want it -- SaneBox will produce a report of all the low-pri emails it has collected for you, kind of like a secretary gathering all the odds and ends for a concise daily rundown. If you find an important email has somehow been flagged as low-pri, you can tweak the settings so it never happens again.

SaneBox works with all IMAP, WebDAV and OWA email clients including Yahoo!, Gmail, AOL, MS Exchange and others. The program is also compatible with OS X's Mail client, though it requires a bit of tweaking. POP-only email services are not supported.

You can try out SaneBox for two weeks with no charge and after that point a trio of subscriptions options are available, ranging from US$2 to $20 per month.

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