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Sleeping Dogs dreams up a poll for fans to choose next DLC


Square Enix is letting Sleeping Dogs fans vote for what the game's next DLC pack will be, via a newly unveiled basset - sorry, ballot. As explained on the game's website, players can vote for one of two content packs, and then that pack gets created and released as the game's next DLC. Both packs include a new cosmetic add-on, buff, weapon, and vehicle.

The first pack is inspired by Journey to the West, the same Chinese folk tale which Enslaved is based on. It includes a Sun WuKong Monkey skin along with a one-handed staff, melee buff, and a Monkey-themed vehicle. As for the second 'Fire Fighter' pack, it includes a firefighters' outfit, unbreakable fire axe, damage resistance buff, and a fire van. Square Enix says the last item is inspired by seeing players repeatedly hijack the game's fire truck, which can't fit in the garage. And yes, the trusty fire van is the little van that can.

At the time of writing, the Sun WuKong pack has almost exactly four times as many votes as the Fire Fighter pack. There's still plenty of time to vote here and turn that around before the poll closes this Sunday, October 21. On a side note, there's been a lot of stuff recently about voting, hasn't there? There's the Pac-Man thing, then the poll for the new BioShock Infinite trailer, and now this. It's like there's some big election going on or something.

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