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Star Trek Online shows off the Azure Nebula event

Eliot Lefebvre

Sometimes you can't help but feel a little blue. Maybe it's because you're overtired, maybe it's because you don't have as much money as you want, or maybe it's because you've been trapped in the Azure Nebula by Tholians. Admittedly that last problem is pretty much only applicable for Romulan ships in Star Trek Online's upcoming Season 7, but it's still relevant to players, since they'll be the ones tasked with rescuing the captured ships for fun and profit.

The new event will be accessible via a queue system for players at Vice Admiral/Lieutenant General rank or higher. Several Tholian prisons have been set up through the nebula, and players will be tasked with freeing as many ships as possible within a time limit. Bigger ships mean greater rewards, but they're also guarded by more formidable Tholian warships. Success rewards players with both fleet commendations and new Romulan commendations, a fitting prize for making wayward ships feel a little less blue.

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