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Zynga settles lawsuit with Kojobo, PyramidVille now PyramidValley

Jordan Mallory

Way back in May, Zynga filed suit against French social/mobile developer Kojobo over its usage of the suffix "Ville" in its Facebook game PyramidVille, saying that it was confusing to consumers and that Kojobo's game could easily be mistaken as one of Zynga's 'Ville properties.

Well as of today, the two developers have settled the matter out of court, with no money being exchanged in the process, according to Gamasutra. While neither party is talking specifics, the major extent of the settlement appears to be that Kojobo has renamed PyramidVille to PyramidValley and PyramidVille Adventure to PyramidValley Adventure.

Originally, Zynga had sought damages totaling three times the amount of money Kojobo made from PyramidVille, whatever that figure may have been. Now, it looks as though Zynga is content with Kojobo's renaming of its properties, and Kojobo is content with not being sued into oblivion.

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