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The Daily Grind: Do you play some games inactively?

Eliot Lefebvre

I can log into RIFT any time I want. I have my subscription active, and I'm perfectly happy to give Trion Worlds my money on a monthly basis. But my actual playtime with the game is spotty at best. Despite this, I still describe myself as playing the game, because I am still playing, just not in an active capacity. An inactive capacity, if you will.

With free-to-play becoming the dominant business model in the MMO genre, it's easier than ever to be an inactive player in your game of choice. You jump in for a couple of days, let the game sit for a week, then jump back in without any real penalties. You don't have to stick with any game longer than you want to. Still, there are games that require a subscription to play, and some people will pop into a free-to-play game to buy new things and then jump right out. So what about you? Is there a game that keeps getting your money even though it's not an active part of your play rotation?

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