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Class action lawsuit from PlayStation Network hack mostly dismissed


Federal Judge Anthony Battaglia dismissed several key claims of a class action lawsuit leveled against Sony after 2011's PSN hack. Battaglia's order dismissed such claims as negligence, restitution, unjust enrichment, bailment and violations of California consumer protection statutes, Courthouse News reported.

Battaglia found that Sony didn't violate consumer protection laws because "none of the named plaintiffs subscribed to premium PSN services, and thus received the PSN services free of cost." Additionally, the privacy policy that all subscribers signed included "clear admonitory language that Sony's security was not 'perfect,'" and "no reasonable consumer could have been deceived."

The bailment charge was dropped because "plaintiffs freely admit, plaintiffs' personal information was stolen as a result of a criminal intrusion of Sony's Network," Battaglia wrote. "Plaintiffs do not allege that Sony was in any way involved with the Data Breach."

Battaglia offered the class an option to amend its claims for injunctive relief and violation of consumer protection law.

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