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    Daily iPhone App: Eyelord has your fill of squishy orb matching


    Eyelord is the latest title from the folks at Secret Exit, whose game Zen Bound and its sequel you probably know well. Zen Bound was a well-produced game with a really excellent design, and Eyelord follows that trend, with a simple mechanic held up by triple-A quality production.

    The game is essentially like PopCap's Zuma, where you throw little colored balls into a moving line and try to match them up and clear them out before they can reach the center of the screen. There are two big differences, however. One is that instead of matching balls, you're actually matching eyeballs, and the game's wild heavy metal aesthetic lines up perfectly with the gooey grossness of sending eyeballs flying around the screen.

    The other big difference is that while Zuma has lots of levels to play, Eyelord is fairly simple -- there's just one mode and it's just an arcade challenge rather than a score chase or anything else like that. But that simplicity works in the game's favor here: Just like Zen Bound, gameplay is relatively casual, letting you just focus on doing the matching without worrying too much about going quickly.

    Eyelord is a freemium title that's very generous, and it's available as a universal app for free right now. If you want to see the game in action, check out our video below (and let us know what you think of the new video features down in the comments).

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