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Civilization Online announced for Asia


Take-Two Interactive announced Civilization Online this morning for Asia, another milestone in its continental market expansion. In partnership with Korean-based studio XLGAMES, the game is being built "from the ground up" as an online-only experiences for the Asian market.

Civilization studio Firaxis is mentioned as lending its expertise and vision, but the game is being created "under the leadership of " XLGAMES CEO and MMOG designer Jake Song, who helped create Lineage. A team of "more than 100" are working on the project in Seoul.

"Over the last four years, we have been focused on creating an ambitious portfolio of online and social games with some of the most revered companies in Asia such as Tencent in China, Nexon Korea Corporation and XLGAMES in Korea, GREE and CyberAgent in Japan," said Take-Two Asia president Hubert Larenaudie.

Take-Two notes that response in the region to NBA 2K Online, which launched yesterday after months of beta testing, has been very encouraging. It hopes to find that same success with the Nexon-partnered Pro Baseball 2K and Civilization Online.

Take-Two chief operating officer David Ismailer concluded today's announcement,
"Civilization Online is an example of how 2K can leverage its successful franchises, beyond sports, to create entirely new experiences in genres that resonate with customers in this region."

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